Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Dalrich chapter has an Epiphany Garden Work Day

Early on a Saturday morning, before the sun got too hot, more than a dozen Dalrich Chapter volunteers arrived at Epiphany Neighborhood Garden to assist church members with some gardening.  The garden opened last year in Richardson as a mission project of the Episcopal Church of the Epiphany.  Church members and neighbors donate produce grown in the garden to the food pantry at the Network of Community Ministries, meeting an essential need for fresh fruits and vegetables.  They have already donated 600 pounds of food this year.
The Dalrich Chapter volunteers assisted church members with mulching the garden, an essential task for water conservation and weed prevention.  Moms and boys worked together to shovel mulch into wheel barrows, transport to the beds and spread around each raised garden bed.  In an impressive display of productivity, volunteers moved two huge piles of mulch in less than three hours, earning a handful of blisters.  Besides completing this terrific task, volunteers also enjoyed learning more about the plants in the garden and seeing the ‘fruits of their labor’ in the form of blooming artichoke plants and burgeoning squash plants.

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