Monday, July 6, 2009

July 4th message to members from Pam Rosener

July 4th message to members from our National Director, Pam Rosener:

Happy Independence Day!
As I reflected today about our great nation and the incredible sacrifice so many have given so that we may truly be independent, my thoughts wandered to YMSL. In YMSL we do such a great job at teaching our sons the value of serving those in need. I could not help but to think this morning on how powerful it would be for us also to teach the value of serving our nation. This does not have to mean through the military which is an amazing way to serve but it could be as a leader in so many ways. We need to encourage our sons to become involved in civic service as well as community service. I think our son’s generation has an incredible opportunity to determine the fate of our country.
This week let’s all take a few minutes to reflect and share with our sons on how they can impact their communities, cities, government, politics….through their leadership and ability to sacrifice their time for a better good.
Hope you each have a happy and safe celebration!!
Pam Rosener
YMSL National