Friday, February 4, 2011

reflections by Taylor Marshall, Senior and 4-year member of YMSL-Alpharetta Chapter

Sunday, January 23, 2011 - John Joseph, author of My Guide to (College) Greatness and founder of Global Grad spoke to the Senior boys of the Alpharetta GA chapter of YMSL about a creating a roadmap for a successful transition to college.

“Four fantastic of years of Alpharetta, GA. Hundreds of service/philanthropy events. And most importantly, countless lives touched through the generosity and selflessness of the YMSL Alpharetta High School chapter. But most recently at one of our meetings, I was the one who was moved. Mr. John Joseph travelled all the way from Alabama to discuss his take on the college scene and the steps a high school senior like me should take in making the extremely important transition a successful one. When reflecting on his speech, words such as balance, focus, perseverance and even failure come to mind. That's right failure. We were told that college is a time of learning, independence, and of course great fun. But even more importantly it can be thought of as a trial run for the rest our lives in terms of success. Being told that it was OKAY to fail sometimes despite trying my hardest definitely placed some assurance inside of me when pondering the next four important years of my life. One thing is for sure: Mr. Joseph's words spoke not just to me, but all of my college bound peers, that college is a time to truly find who we are. In return of developing ourselves, we can then touch the lives of others in countless ways and extend hand to the world. Thank you Mr. Joseph.”

Taylor Marshall, Senior and 4 year member of YMSL, Alpharetta chapter

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